I try to keep my prices as low as possible in order to give
the best value for money around. I also aim to make webpages quick to load
and easily accessible to the majority of browsers

You can have your own webpage and internet address from as little as £78pa.
For this I will produce you a one page website for yourself or
your business with up to 2 illustrations housed within my webspace

I’ll even thrown a co.uk domain name and your website address will be
www.yourname.co.uk as opposed to www.bswebservices.co.uk/yourname
(Future adjustments/ammendments charged at £20 per hour – min charge £10)

Maybe you would rather have your site in your own space
For this I would charge £20 per hour for construction
All I need initially from you would be details about you or your business,
photographs with details (prices/dimensions etc)
– oh, and payment of course

To see examples of sites I have produced, please click here

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